Hocus Pocus 2019 – Catalog!

This Grumpy Ghoul...

++ Get the FREE TP Hud from The Marketplace++

++ Grab your FREE TP HUD from the Office ++

You don’t need the HUD to play, but it sure will make it fun. ♥ Feel free to distribute the HUD around to your friends and loved ones. Have fun!

How to play:

  1. TP to participating stores
  2. Say ‘hocus pocus’ in local chat
  3. Local chat will tell you if you win the item or failed
  4. Didn’t win? Wait 24 hours before trying again
  5. OR you can just buy the item for 50L.


  1. We are experiencing some technical difficulties in [Krescendo] and [Ari-Pari] store due to organizers’ error. Please be patient while we try to fix it. FIXED! Thank you so much [Ari-Pari] and [Krescendo] for coming to the organizers’ rescue! ♥ Updated HUD will be sent out now to Subscribers and redelivered to MP purchasers.
  2. Sweet Thing forgot to sent us their ad, but we shall update this gallery when the sweet thing does! Check it out in the gallery below. ♥