Being Extra, Hocus Pocus 2017!

Hocus Pocus 2017 Poster

Just look at this extra pumpkin, will ya?

Ayyeee we’re back!

++ Get the FREE TP Hud from The Marketplace++

++ Grab your FREE TP HUD from the Office (buy from pumpkin)++

Share it around!

(We’re working on updating the catalog. Thank you for your patience!)

Pumpkin spice and all things nice.

We had a lot of fun with this event in 2015 and 2016, didn’t we? So why not make another one?


How it works

  1. From October 27th, 12am SLT, TP into any participating stores and locate Pumpkin McExtra.
    • He’s just so extra you won’t be able to miss him.
    • Yeah, we don’t know why he’s like that.
    • Maybe overcompensating for something, who knows.
    • He’s actually very soft and mushy underneath that tough skinned exterior.
    • We let him do him. 
  2. There will be a hint on what you can get from him, or from the vendor next to it.
  3. Like what McExtra is offering you? Then say the magic words in local chat: “hocus pocus
  4. If he likes you enough, he’ll tell you in local chat that you won the item FOR FREE, YASSSSS! 
  5. If he’s cranky because he can’t get his pumpkin spice latte that day, tough luck buddy. You have to wait another 24 hours before you can try with him again.
  6. OR if you’re impatient and have no time for McExtra’s nonesense, just bypass him and buy the item from the vendor for 50L
  7. The event is only for 9 days so you only have 9 tries with your magic!
  8. Good luck and hope you have fun! \o/


TP to participating stores –> Say ‘hocus pocus’ in local chat –> You’ll find out if you win the item or not –> Didn’t win? Wait 24 hours before trying again –> OR you can just buy the item for 50L.


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