Hocus Pocus, Ruckus Tuckus!


Hocus Pocus 2016 - Oct 24th to Nov 4th

Hocus Pocus,

Ruckus Tuckus,

We’re back!

(And we suck at rhyming)

Well, hello there, poppets!

Last year, you had a lot of fun practicing your magic around the grid. So this Halloween, we’re back to cook you up some treats!

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How it works

  1. From October 24th, 12am SLT, TP into any participating stores (TBA) and find locate a special bottle (see poster).
    • Pro-tip: It’s not a giant bottle!
    • Careful…maybe it’s potion. Maybe it’s poison. Uh oh! 
  2. There will be a hint on what you can get from the bottle, or from the vendor next to it.
  3. Like what you see? Then say the magic words in local chat: “hocus pocus!
  4. If your magic is successful, you will be notified in local chat that you won the item FOR FREE, YASSSSS! 
  5. If your magic is much weak, such fail, wowe…then you must wait 24 hours before you can try at that particular store again.
    • Protip: We recommend stocking up on a vegetable-heavy diet a month prior to this task to strengthen you.
  6. OR if you’re impatient and don’t like veggies (why not?!?), just ignore the potion/poison and buy the item for 50L
  7. The event is only for 11 days so you ony have 11 tries with your magic!
  8. Good luck and hope you have fun! \o/


TP to participating stores –> Say ‘Hocus Pocus!’ in local chat –> You’ll find out if you win the item or not –> Didn’t win,? Wait 24 hours before trying again –> OR you can just buy the item for 50L.