Hocus Pocus 2015: Prize Previews


++Grab the TP HUD from the Office!++

++Or grab it from the MP free!++

…or from any participating stores that rezzes the easel. XD

You don’t need HUD for the hunt to work, but hey, why not grab a HUD anyway, eh? Share it around!

Gallery is generated by random order.

Not all chests are in plain view — although we made sure they are not hidden in difficult spots.

Not all prizes are shown at time of writing. We still have to chase the following designers for their ads, but they are set up and you can TP to the following stores to try your luck! 😀

To get the LMs, just click on a pic. Happy chanting!

**Important: You must Say HOCUS POCUS in local chat for a chance to win these items for free. It’s not case sensitive (you can say ‘hocus pocus’, ‘HOCUS POCUS’, ‘hOcUs pOcUs’…you know,  whatever floats your ghost).

Clicking the chest will not yield anything. If you are impatient and want to just get the item, buy it from the ghost (or the vendor next to the ghost in some stores) for only 50L, YASSS!**